Natasha Kamal

Amal Al Raisi

It’s been 9 magnificent years since I started working in the fashion industry – under the name of Dar Al Aseel, I first started designing traditional Omani dresses and went on to abayas and jalabiyas. I have a lot of success stories to tell and can count a number of failures as all part of my history and brand today. I have since started a new fashion venture with By Amal Al Raisi

My RTW collection has a touch of couture and is a tribute to women that are feminine but not delicate. I admire today’s power woman who prioritises family but also pursue’s their career dreams. “by Amal Al Raisi” is designed to honor Arab traditions but my goal is for the pieces to be worn far beyond the borders of Oman. It is here that the collection is produced and overseen by myself to ensure the highest quality and an impeccable finish.

Company Details

Al Athaiba, Behind Al Athaiba Mall & Range
Rover Showroom Building No. 3819 A Way No. 4454
Muscat, Sultanate of Oman

+971 50 46 59 318