Djamila Kerdoun

President of DK Ambassador company and Founder Sommet International de la mode project. Proud of their French heritage and their Mediterranean roots, they constantly invent events and services to develop new networks of trade, talents and expertise mainly by working with exceptional partners sharing their values.

On the occasion of the Franco-Arab tourism forum & fashion, Djamila said: «I dream to show the marvels of my country, to be the ambassador of our talents and, dear ladies, welcome you with a white rose. This is for you I created the Sommet International de la mode – Paris Fashion Week for peace and share my dream».

Paris International Fashion Week

DK Ambassador aims to guide Foreign business men, women, tourists, Fashion Designers and luxury brands Representatives from France, Africa, america, Asia, Middle East, Europe… through the latest industry information on key customs, cultural and trade compliance topics from both sides.

DK Ambassador with its Sommet International de la Mode event and concept intends to be a great resource and key hospitality Partner for anyone new to importing and exporting, or wishing to stay up-to-date on fashion industry programs and requirements between France and the foreign countries.

DK Ambassador offers the latest information and innovation in term of culture of fashion, the best of highend international services and tailor made tourism, entertainment and marketing & business programs, circuits and road shows. DK Ambassador service Team is licensed Professionals and Hospitality Experts in France, with local and international know-how on extensive import and export marketing topics.

They specialize in foriehn countries and France relationships and hospitality traditions. DK Ambassador also provide the latest specific fashion industry information and facilitate in-house seminars and webinars, presentations, conferences, unique onsite company visits and events tailored to You and your brand to suit your particular needs whether you do business or visit France as a tourist for entertainment purposes, family reunions or Business reasons.