General Information about the summit

This event comprises of collection shows as well as exhibition installations for designers & sponsors.

This program allows foreign and French young & upcoming designers to interact with industry professionals via a group collection show & installation.

Le Sommet International de la Mode by DK Ambassador® further provides brands and corporate, brand activation opportunities.

This summit will be the biggest and the most  unique, creative and important international plateform. This summit against sponsorships also creates avenues to assist brands reach their marketing objectives.

As the only industry based fashion design trade event, DK Ambassador assists in designer wear business development, industry growth, and brands to activate and reach their target audience.

Other highlights

The Fashion Catwalk by DK Ambassador is a unique experience where our Partners, local talents/Maisons will showcase their collections, and an new Talents area, featuring videos, short films and touch screen monitors that will illustrate the work of Designers committed to eco-sustainable production.

A « By invitation only » event

Le Sommet International de la Mode is a unique experience incorporating bi-annual presentations worldwide and from european and foreign Haute-Couture and luxury Jewelry Designers, hosted in prestigious places, showcasing established and emerging creators for Consumers, high-end buyers traveling with their families and the media.

A “by invitation only” distinctive program including talks, panels, private shows and workshops by fashion, tourism, entrepreneurial and medical leading lights and experts is a key part of Le Sommet International de la Mode by DK Ambassador®’s role in developing a dynamic, sustainable and definitive fashion, tourism & business platform.

Le Sommet International de la Mode runs in Paris, Monaco and Cannes

The event showcases Designers ‘collections from international & French Haute Couture, Prêt à Porter, Accessories, Cosmetics, Jewelry and attracts Consumers, trade buyers and media worldwide.

This event is our opportunity and contribution to engage foreign and european fashion professionals and fans in an open dialogue about our event and the industry worldwide.

We’ve established this concept as a way to foster that discussion, and exchange ideas and opinions around shared values.