Djamila Kerdoun is the founder of DK Ambassador and President of the International Fashion Summit. Djamila had a cat walk show during the Paris Fashion Week, bringing together the creators of international fashion of tomorrow. Distinguished by the independence of its creator, the originality of the collections, which required both artistic and cultural research.

On October 2nd, the third edition of this International Summit, (which supports the originality and daring of the fashion authors/creators), took place in a prestigious setting – the Hotel Le Meurice, Rue de Rivoli. Situated in the famous Golden Triangle of Paris – in the very heart of Parisian Haute Couture. Renowned designer Madame #ChantalThomass the ambassador, promoting the themes of this fashion week: ‘elegance, beauty, art and technology’.

The show was greeted enthusiastically, dazzling the 200+ guests, ambassadors and major world-fashion players. After being discovered showing their unique styles in Italy, London, China and Dubai, this international fashion summit allowed a new wave of designers of international fashion to be seen, for the first time, in France. With the support of the guest of honour: Mr. #Peterzanniprada, more than a dozen designers from the East, Asia, Africa, the United States and Europe paraded and participate in this international summit of fashion.